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Applicances: Fratelli Onofri Ranges from Italy

January 18, 2011 9:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

A reader from Boston clued us in to a well-priced line of ranges from Italian company Fratelli Onofri, which was founded in the fifties by two brothers. Here's her account:

"My five-burner, 36-inch dual fuel Fratelli Onofri is my favorite part of our new house. I love the cooktop; the cast iron is very heavy, and I am in love with the 12,000-BTU center triple ring burner (I can boil water in practically seconds). The oven is also incredible; the dinners I make are markedly, shockingly better. The Fratelli is also shockingly gorgeous for the price—every person we've had over falls in love with it—and easily looks like it costs twice as much as it did. The only small downsides: the oven is manual clean (but that's standard for the industry). Also, I don't love the small storage section under the oven; it's small and feels like it might break with a ton of use, so I don't use it."

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Above: The Fratelli Onofri Pinnacle All Gas Range with five burners is available in stainless or anthracite and is $2,299 at AJ Madison (the anthracite is $3,449).

Above: The Fratelli Onofri Royal Chiantishire Giant Oven is available in four colors plus stainless steel; prices start at $2,499 for the stainless and black models.