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Appliances: Swing Door Oven

January 24, 2008 7:30 AM

BY Janet Hall

Think of it: a wall oven with a side opening door rather than an awkward pull-down door. Top-of-the-line Gaggenau offers this great feature on their EB 200 series of built-in wall ovens, which can also be installed under the counter. The oven doors open to a full 180 degrees (like a microwave), making it vastly easier to access the interior. The door handle is set far enough to the edge that it never becomes hot. Gaggenau ovens are known for their amazing temperature control and for other advanced features such as child safety locks. More information at

Below L & R: 24-inch EB 270/271 in aluminum or stainless, $3,189 and 27 inch EB 290/291, $3679 at Below R: aluminum finish shown mounted under a counter.

Below: 30-inch BX28 double wall oven, $5,625 at

NB: For a budget option, check out the Frigidaire 27-inch Electric Single wall oven with a side swing door in black or white, $799 at