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Appliances: Mercury Ranges from the UK

January 25, 2011 4:35 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Last week, a reader enthused about her Fratelli Onofri range from Italy (see Appliances: Fratelli Onofri Ranges from Italy); this week, a reader in the UK wrote, "There is nothing better than the Mercury line of ranges; they're the only true minimalist domestic range. They are extremely well made; everything—including the knobs—is heavy duty and functions perfectly. They are brilliantly insulated and cook to perfection. Plus, they are a British company, which I'm proud of, as we don't make much any more." Go to Mercury to see the full line.

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Above: The Mercury 1000 range is available in an array of colors, including blueberry (shown above), as well as stainless steel.

Above: The Mercury features a sleek profile combined with a vaguely retro look (note the chrome letters spelling the company name at the bottom).