ISSUE 46  |  All in the Family

The Night-Light Reconsidered

November 17, 2014 2:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

There’s no arguing that the plug-in night-light comes in handy for guiding family members in the dark (and, in the case of my children, keeping monsters away). That said, the ubiquitous night-light has its faults: In addition to presenting a possible safety hazard for tiny, curious fingers, it hogs precious outlet space and is something of an eyesore. So we were intrigued to discover the SnapRays Guidelight by SnapPower, a night-light disguised as an outlet cover with built-in LED lighting that disappears by day and glows at night.

Above: A replacement for the standard plug-in night-light, the SnapRays Guidelight is an electrical outlet cover plate equipped with LEDs to provide illumination in the dark, while offering two outlets available for use at all times.

Above: The Guidelight is equipped with a light sensor that automatically turns the LEDs on in the dark and off in the light.

Above: The design requires no wires or batteries. To install, simply remove the existing cover plate, snap on the SnapRays Guidelight, and affix with the turn of a screw. (Note that it’s always advisable to turn off the outlet power before replacing a cover.)


Above: SnapRays Guidelights are $15 each and are offered in standard duplex (L) and decor outlet (R) configurations in a choice of white, almond, and ivory. Money-saving sets of three, five, and 10 are also available.

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