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Appliances: EcoSmart Fireplaces

December 31, 2008 9:23 PM

BY Janet Hall

Burn bans, global warming, soaring natural gas bills. What’s a fire lover to do?  EcoSmart Fire: simply put, a fire-in-a-box that can fit in a traditional fireplace, function as a freestanding unit, or be used in a variety of other configurations, indoors and out. Because the units require no flue and burn denatured ethanol, they offer a clean, odorless flame and don’t need a utility connection. EcoSmart Fire is still the only maker of ethanol fireplaces that is USA certified; go to EcoSmart Fire for retail locations.

Above: The Burner Box is the core product of EcoSmart Fire systems. It comes in four configurations, starting at $2,300 for the basic square unit ($3,300 for unit plus retrofit for existing fireplaces). See above photos for installation inspiration.

Above: My favorite is the traditional-style Curved Grate with a burner unit that can be slipped into an existing fireplace or used on its own; $3,300. View the EcoSmart site for the full Grate Range.

Above: The designer range offers freestanding units, "portable fireplace furniture," ideal for a small apartment or ski cabin (we love the idea of the Fire and Ice Coffee Table). The EcoSmart Aspect offers a traditional fireplace look in a freestanding unit; see EcoSmart for the full range and for pricing and retailer information.