Appliances: Ikea Anthracite Line by

Issue 6 · French Design · February 9, 2009

Appliances: Ikea Anthracite Line

Issue 6 · French Design · February 9, 2009

Add a touch of Euro sophistication to your kitchen with Ikea's anthracite appliances: We love this chic, well-priced line (developed and manufactured for Ikea by Whirlpool); go to Ikea to read more.


Above: Datid Obi M50 AN Built-in Oven; 24 inches wide and $599 at Ikea.

Ikea Eldig 450 B Black Cooktop

Above: The Eldig Hob 450B; $399 at Ikea.

Ikea Datid Pro Gas Range Above: Freestanding Datid Pro D51 AN Gas Range with five burners and convection oven; $1,749 at Ikea.

Ikea Datid Pro Exhaust Hood

Above: Wall-mounted Datid Pro H50 Exhaust Hood with three fan speeds; $599 at Ikea.

Ikea Datid Microwave Oven

Above: The Datid Microwave Oven; $549 at Ikea.

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