Appliances: BlueStar Wall Ovens by

Issue 30 · Color in the Kitchen · July 22, 2008

Appliances: BlueStar Wall Ovens

Issue 30 · Color in the Kitchen · July 22, 2008

I have long been an admirer of BlueStar ranges. The company originally produced only high-powered restaurant ranges, but they now manufacture exclusively for the residential market. Last year, BlueStar introduced a gas wall oven, and the color options alone are a selling point—190 choices. Other features to recommend it: the door configurations (the 24-inch size features a swing door and the 30-inch and 36-inch sizes feature French doors) for easy access and viewing and the roomy interiors (BlueStar claims they offer the largest oven capacity available in a 30- and 36-inch wall oven). Available in three sizes (24, 30, and 36 inches), the BlueStar gas wall oven can be purchased as single- or double-oven units.

Below: The 36-inch Single Oven in red is $3,711 at Universal Appliance.

bluestar-wall-oven-red.jpg Below: The 24-inch Single Oven in Stainless is $2,192 at Universal Appliance:


Below: All sizes are available in a double-oven option; the 30-inch Double Oven Shown is $5,517 at Universal Appliance: bluestar-french-door-double-oven.jpg


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