Appliances: Asko XXL Dishwasher by

Issue 11 · Elegant Tabletops · March 19, 2009

Appliances: Asko XXL Dishwasher

Issue 11 · Elegant Tabletops · March 19, 2009

We love the space efficiency of the Asko XXL Dishwasher. Don't be fooled by the name—the actual dishwasher is not oversized, but its capacity is: the four-rack and seven-basket system holds 40 percent more than the traditional dishwasher, which makes it an energy-wise choice. The Asko Fully Integrated 17 Place Setting Capacity XXL Dishwasher is $1,449 at AJ Madison.

Asko XXL Dishwasher

Asko XXL Dishwasher Front Photo

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