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Appliances: Arche Radiators with Towel Warmers by Vasco

November 12, 2009 6:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

When I lived in London, I grew to love the radiators that doubled as towel warmers in my bathrooms. Towel warmers (and radiators in general) are prevalent in Europe, but have been scarce in the US until recently. So I was happy to discover the Arche line from Belgian radiator manufacturer Vasco, which sells in the North American market. Available in horizontal or vertical configurations, the Arche radiator can be outfitted with towel rails (either in the same finish as the radiator or in frosted or clear glass), towel rings, and robe hooks. The units are finished in electrostatic powder coating with epoxy polyester in white, metallic silver (Vasco M350), or a range of vibrant colors. Prices range from $1,187 to $4,554, depending on finish and height. The Vasco line is available through Hydronic Alternatives (select "designer radiators" to find specs on Arche).