Appliances: Bosch Nexxt Series Dryer by

Issue 39 · Refined Simplicity · September 25, 2008

Appliances: Bosch Nexxt Series Dryer

Issue 39 · Refined Simplicity · September 25, 2008

Reporting back from a Bosch event in Brooklyn, located in a vast space on the ground floor of a warehouse building in Dumbo. We're greeted by a buffet featuring chilled avocado cucumber soup and a tower of perfect cupcakes; after a bit of mingling, we sit for a brief presentation. We are introduced to the latest dishwasher, refrigerator, and washing machine, and there's lots of murmuring in the crowd about how quiet the new appliances are (very important, since the kitchen is the new living room, according to guest speaker Julie Morgenstern, the time management guru) and energy efficient (the Linea Series refrigerator has LED lighting). The most intriguing new feature is MISTcare, available with the Nexxt Series Dryers (LG and others offer a mist or steam cycle, but Bosch has taken it a step further). A 20-minute cycle eliminates wrinkles and removes odors like smoke and perfume from last night's shirt.

Below: The Bosch Nexxt 800 Series; $1,219 AJ Madison.


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