Colorful Radiator for Kids' Rooms by

Issue 6 · The French Connection · February 7, 2012

Colorful Radiator for Kids' Rooms

Issue 6 · The French Connection · February 7, 2012

Here's a colorful solution to your worries about space heaters in children's bedrooms or playrooms: the practical, slim-lined Play Radiator from Jaga.

Available in two color combinations (as well as all-white and black-and-white), the Play Radiator offers several safety features. It has an MDF casing with rounded corners that never becomes too warm, lockable temperature controls, and hidden heating elements well out of the way of little fingers. It also is an eco-friendly choice, with an energy-efficient heat exchanger that uses just one-tenth the water content of a standard radiator.

Above: The Play Radiator starts at $1,000 for the 14-by-24-inch size (shown); prices vary depending on size and output. Contact Jaga for pricing and ordering information.

Above: The radiator also comes in white.

Above: The Play4Boys color combination includes green, cream, and two shades of blue.

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