ISSUE 34  |  Summer Travels

Furniture: Graphic Grain Sack Upholstery

August 26, 2009 7:15 PM

BY Julie Carlson

It’s not an especially new idea, but it’s a good idea: Upholstering furniture in vintage rugged hemp grain sacks, for a rustic and unfussy vibe.

Above: A wing chair covered in Brazilian coffee sacks; photo by Emma Lee.

Above: Oversized primitive chair from France, circa 1680-1700, covered in Puritan Flour horse advertising banner; go to Obsolete for information.

Above: The Fisher Chair; upholstered in heavyweight French Laundry linen; go to Curious Furniture for information.

Above: John Derian Cove Sofa covered in grain sack fabric; go to John Derian for retailers.