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Beauty Meets Function: Desk Accessories from Another Country

October 22, 2012 8:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

We were instant devotees of the simple Shaker-meets-Scandinavian wooden furniture from Another Country when it launched a couple of years ago. Now they've released a set of desk accessories that perfectly embody their modern finely crafted aesthetic (we're already thinking holiday gifts).

Above L to R: Tape Dispenser; £25, Eraser Pot; £18, Pencil Sharpener; £25 and Pen Pot; £20. The whole set can be purchased for £88 from Another Country.

Above: Designed by Simon Donald and made in the UK, each piece is made from maple. The tape dispenser has a brass serrated arm and the lid of the eraser pot is actually a large green rubber eraser with room inside for bits and pieces. The pencil sharpener comes with a motif handle on the lid. Beauty-meets-function at its best.

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