ISSUE 51  |  Christmas Parties

Accessories: Vessels from Lindsey Adelman

December 19, 2011 2:30 PM

BY Francesca Connolly

Ever since Brooklyn-based Lindsey Adelman introduced her lighting at ICFF a few years ago, we've been admiring her lyrical hand-blown glass lighting fixtures. She continues her exploration of blown glass and brass casting with a new series of vessels, which feature cast brass stoppers in shapes inspired by nature; they're available at Matter in New York.

Above: The Lindsey Adelman vessels feature her signature blown-glass orbs.

Above: The Vessel Small is 4 inches tall and features a cast brass stopper; $480 at Matter.

Above: The Vessel Large is 6 inches tall and features a cast brass stopper; $540 from Matter.

Above: We can imagine these vessels as especially decadent perfume or fragrance holders.