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Accessories: The Vintage Table China Rental in London

April 22, 2011 1:33 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Claire Bates started her crockery rental business, The Vintage Table, when her cupboards started overflowing. "In many ways I had no choice but to set up the Vintage Table," she says. "My personal collection of vintage china had grown far beyond my personal need, and I was constantly being asked by friends to borrow bits and pieces."

Bates offers "a beautiful and finely decorated collection of vintage English crockery, which date from the roaring 1920s right through to the swinging 1960s. I love the modern, eclectic look that can be created by mixing and matching crockery from different decades."

For more information, go to The Vintage Table. For more ideas on renting vintage china, go to Little Miss Wedding.