ISSUE 44  |  Cabinet of Curiosities

Accessories: Pipe Candleholders by Pernille Vea for Menu

October 31, 2011 3:30 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

Spotted on Nordic Design: A modern take on an ancient Viking candleholder by Danish designer Pernille Vea for Menu. The cast-iron candle holders are designed to be hammered into a wood surface and come in indoor and outdoor versions (the latter version comes with a glass shade to protect the flame). Consider driving the holder into a tree trunk or a wooden beam outside, or into a piece of firewood indoors—or, as the designer suggests, if you're a true Viking, hammer it directly into a door frame or tabletop.

Above: In this interior, a row of candles nailed into the floor serves as an illuminated landing strip.

Above: Pipe Candleholders nailed into a fence.

Above: Pipe Candleholders illuminate a tree trunk.

Above (L to R): Pipe Hurricane Horizontal; $37.09 at Scandinavian Design Center, Pipe Hurricane Vertical; $37.09 at Scandinavian Design Center, Pipe Candleholders (set of 2); $43.29 at Scandinavian Design Center.