ISSUE 5  |  Out of South Africa

Accessories: Pillows from Niarela Rue 420

February 03, 2011 2:31 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Admired recently: oversized pillows from Niarela Rue 420, an atelier in Bamako, Mali. Owner Mariane Montaut oversees a small team that spins, weaves, then hand dyes the cotton used to create the boldly pattered pillows and bed coverings. The wares are available from Porcupine, a Brussels-based outfit that represents traditional artisans from Africa.

Above: A selection of Niarela pillows.

Above: Pillow Cover Koulikoro; €42.50.

Above: Pillow Cover Nioro; €42.50.

Above: Pillow Cover Sokolo; €42.50.

Above: Pillow Cover Koulikoro; €42.50.