Accessories: Light-My-Fire Spork by

Issue 47 · Holiday Warmth · November 27, 2009

Accessories: Light-My-Fire Spork

Issue 47 · Holiday Warmth · November 27, 2009

I first spotted the Spork, designed for Light My Fire by Scandinavian designer Joachim Nordwall, on None Such Things, my discerning friend Amanda's online shop. A  knife, spoon, and fork all rolled into one, the Spork is a perfect lunch box staple, available in the UK from None Such Things for £1.89 or in the US for $9.95 for a Spork Four Pack from Amazon.

N.B. None Such Things also stocks the ever-so-covetable Japanese MT masking tape made of Washi paper.

Spork Four Pack at Remodelista

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