ISSUE 43  |  London East End

Accessories: Ghoulish Decor

October 27, 2010 3:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

The ghoulishly glamorous Halloween window display at Dzine's San Francisco showroom inspired us to round up similar elements.


Above: Sculpted Raven Candle; $16 at Urban Outfitters. Above R: Mortimer Bust Candle by German artist Thomas Grunfeld for Target; $24.99.

Above: Halloween Crows made with real feathers from Grandin Road; $34 to $49 each.

Above L: Vintage French Pewter Candelabra; $172 through Etsy.

Above: D.L . & Co. Memento Mori skull candle; $50 at Unica Home. Above R: Mossy Limbs feature chartreuse lichens; three branches for $24.50 from Nettleton Hollow.