ISSUE 48  |  Holiday Glamour

Accessories: Colored Candle Roundup

December 01, 2010 9:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Noticed recently: candles of different colors, a new take on tabletop illumination.

Above: Mixed candles at Ben Pentreath.

Above: Tinsmiths in the UK mixed different colored candles in this rustic candelabra display.

Above: Orange and avocado colored candles via Ben Pentreath.

Above: Pillar candles on display at Cire Trudon.

Above: A single beeswax candle, mixed with white tapers, in the New York living room of stylist Kate Young, via The Selby.

Above: Candles from Heath Ceramics.

Above: Dinner Candle Selection; £6.60 at Ben Pentreath (other color mixes available as well).

Made by a 140-year-old family company in Medina, Ohio, Root unscented beeswax-mix candles are available from Amazon in boxes of 12. Clockwise from above L: Wine 9-Inch Dipped Tapers; $31.81. Black 9-Inch Dipped Tapers for $26.42. Olive 12-Inch Dipped Tapers; $36.99. Sage 9-Inch Dipped Tapers; $28.09.

Above: Colored Beeswax Taper Candles; prices start at $5.95 for a 6-inch taper at Beehive Candles.

Above: A wall of colored candles at Cire Trudon in New York; photo from Shot by Jake.