ISSUE 9  |  Spring Finds

Accessories: Book City Covers

March 04, 2010 6:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Our friend Meg in New York clued us in to Book City Jackets in Brooklyn. Here’s what she says: "Founder Jeremy Schwartz adds a playful element of design to the functional paper bag book cover that protected our schoolbooks as kids. The covers, made from recycled kraft paper, are printed at a small press in downtown New York and sized to fit almost any book, hardcover or paperback. Sold in sets of three, the covers are available directly from Book City Jackets or through Amazon. Book City Jackets also offers an Artists Edition, featuring original art; $15 for three."

Above: The Bookshelf Set is $11 from Amazon.

Above: An ecological way to wrap your next birthday present; go to Book City Jackets.

Above: Schwartz says, "A lot of people ask whether my entire bookshelf is filled with covered books. It’s not, but I do use covered books as accents. Here’s a picture of my bookshelf (looking its cleanest/best); you can see that I have a block of books in Bookshelf covers and a couple of Artists Edition No. 1 covers on otherwise boring books. I think an entire shelf of covered books would be a bit overwhelming."