ISSUE 26  |  London Family Life

Accessories: Blankets and Throws from Lovely Home Idea

June 28, 2011 3:15 PM

BY Justine Hand

On summer nights, when there’s a chill in the air, nothing beats huddling under a lightweight throw. My new favorites are these jolly coverlets by Lovely Home Idea. I especially like the smart contrast of soft, cotton plaids and pure, crisp linen. Designed in Europe by Dovile and Auste, an architect and a textile designer, each throw is crafted with care from all natural materials. Available in smaller sizes, they’re ideal for baby, too.

Above: The Plaid Merry Blanket is available in several sizes; the price for a 28-by-40-inch throw is $35 (custom sizes are also available; specify orange, light blue, dark blue, pink, or light brown).

Above: The Natural Merry Blanket in plaid is 79 by 55 inches and is $58.

Above: The Plaid Merry Blanket shown in orange and light blue.