ISSUE 44  |  Miss Havisham

5 Favorites: Moody Black Candles

October 31, 2012 3:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

For the past couple of years I've been addicted to black taper candles, especially effective when used in candelabras (or in groupings) to add an edgy note to a table setting and especially relevant for Halloween.

Our favorite beeswax tapers (available in a range of colors, including black) come from Big Dipper Waxworks in Seattle.

Above: My favorite house guest of the summer, Megan Wilson of Ancient Industries, took this photo of my family house in Wellfleet, MA.

Above: A brass midcentury candelabra with black tapers, via the Marion House Book.

Above: A dining room by Poesis Design, with a pair of wall-mounted candlesticks; photo by Tony Cenicola for the NY Times.

Above: Black tapers in glass candlesticks also from Hindsvik.

Above: Black candles in white candle holders create a surprisingly appealing effect; photo via HK Living in Denmark.

Above: Ted Muehling candlesticks paired with black candles in the home of Eva Gentry; photo by Douglas Lyle Thompson. Gentry orders her candles in bulk from Creative Candles.

Above: A pair of glossy red candlesticks paired with black tapers; via Hindsvik.

N.B. This post is a rerun; the original ran on October 17, 2011.