ISSUE 40  |  Napa Valley Rustic

Accessories: Bicycles and Accessories as Decor

October 04, 2011 8:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Spotted recently: bicycles and accessories used as decor, to impart a jaunty urban cyclist vibe to an interior.

Above: Bike frames as sculpture at Lock 7, a cycle cafe in Hackney, London, where you can have a coffee while you wait for your bike to be repaired.

Above: Racing shirts hang as decorative banners at the Rapha Cycle Club in San Francisco.

Above: A handlebar sculpture spotted in a New Hampshire interior, via AT.

Above: An installation of bicycle wheels hung on a vintage laundry rack by Siobhan McAuley at Lock 7.

Above: Bicycle wheels as window mullions at Mission Bicycle in San Francisco.

Above: The wall-mounted Toro Antler (inspired by Picasso) by Atelier 688.