ISSUE 34  |  Nautical Accents

Accessories: Beach Stones as Decor

August 23, 2010 8:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Every year, my friend Keith packs her suitcase with Rhode Island beach stones at the end of August to lug back to the West Coast; remembrances of East Coast summers. Here's a roundup of beach stones used as decor; plus an inspiring book by San Francisco artist and photographer Josie Iselin.

Above: A mantel by stylist Tanya Goodwin of Home from the Sea.

Above: A stairway in a house in Sicily, photograph by Adriano Bacchella.

Above L: A collection of ringed beach stones. Above R: Beach stones suspended from a vintage wood hanger.

Above: Beach stones in a Boston-area interior by Christine Lane.

Above: Stacked beach stones, via Paonote.

Above: Beach Stones, by Josie Iselin with text by Margaret W. Carruthers; $12.21 at Amazon.