ISSUE 54  |  Bedrooms

A Wooden Storage Headboard, Made with Walnut (and Love)

January 07, 2013 2:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Montreal-based design studio Objets Mecaniques calls itself a "slow design laboratory"; we especially like a recently completed wooden storage headboard ("made with a lot of walnut and love," as they say).

In addition to special projects like the storage headboard, the studio sells smaller objects such as cutting boards and window boxes made from local and reclaimed materials. "Each object we sell is handmade and aims to celebrate the charm of tiny flaws, which are inherent to craftwork, such as a remarkably weird wood grain or subtle scars left by the work of time on old materials."

For more information, go to Objets Mecaniques.

Above: A shelf over the bed functions as a display area.

Above: A side view of the headboard with hidden storage shelf.

Above: The storage bed is perched on gracefully tapered legs.