ISSUE 55  |  Roman Holiday

A Stool Too Pretty to Sit On?

January 18, 2013 2:30 PM

BY Izabella Simmons

Last time we wrote about British designer Max Lamb, we featured his Round and Round Table—this time, we're admiring his latest creation: the Last Stool (luckily, it's available in the US).

The Last Stool (for Italian Discipline) is spun from a single sheet of metal and is available in copper or steel enameled in various colors. The indented circle makes for a handle which allows you to easily move, lift, and stack the stools. For more about the Last Stool, visit Max Lamb.

Above: Max Lamb at home (photograph by Leslie Williamson for the New York Times).

Above: The Last Stool comes in white, mint, hunter and black; $265 from Design Within Reach.

Above: The copper version of the Last Stool is $585 from Design Within Reach.

Above: The Last Stool in unpolished copper.

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