ISSUE 44  |  Miss Havisham

A Speakeasy in Williamsburg, Absinthe Included

October 29, 2012 3:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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When Zeb Stewart dreamed up the Hotel Delmano in Brooklyn, he was aiming “for a place that evoked Havana or Paris.” We think he succeeded.

Located within a boarded-up storefront (you enter via a side door), the cocktail lounge is done up in high-speakeasy style; distressed painted walls and ceilings, a long, curved marble bar, burnished brass fixtures and fittings, lazy ceiling fans. For more information, go to Hotel Delmano.

Above: A curved mahogany bar with brass railings.

Above: Vintage wine buckets, framed portraits.

Above: Crimson walls and mirrors add a note of glamor.

Above: A crystal chandelier stands out against a black-painted ceiling.

Above: The curved marble bar.

Above: A ceiling suggesting blue skies.

Above: Vintage brass hooks and a tiled door. Image via Interior Design.

Above: The bath sink suggests another era. Image via Interior Design.

Above: The entry, with vintage brass sign.

Above: A scene right out of Havana.