ISSUE 47  |  Dining and Entertaining

A Rustic Loft in Italy, from a Rising Design Star

November 19, 2012 11:30 AM

BY Julie Carlson

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Orietta Marcon of Vicenze-based design studio Civico Quattro is one of our favorites; from time to time we head over to her site to moon over her projects, including this stylish loft.

Above: A whitewashed brick wall and bedroom alcove.

Above: A rough-hewn country table, with an exhortation to dine.

Above: A pale palette and natural materials.

Above: A small stainless kitchen; everything you need.

Above: A flokati rug, a rough hewn table, an Eames shell chair.

Above: An empty frame with suspended vase.

Above: A metal settee with grainsack pillow.

Above: A bath with dark and light elements and a crystal chandelier.

Above: A bath console created from mismatched vintage drawers.