A Quiet Bath in Japan by Tato Architects by

Issue 25 · Bath & Spa Style · June 19, 2012

A Quiet Bath in Japan by Tato Architects

Issue 25 · Bath & Spa Style · June 19, 2012

Just below Mt. Hiei, in Japan's Shiga Prefecture, sits a combined cottage and atelier by Kobe-based Tato Architects; the minimal home features a serene bath with an unexpected dash of neon.

The bath was built with sustainability in mind: thermal storage was buried beneath the floor to use midnight electricity in Hieidaira to heat the foundation in the winter; the two small cottages and atelier were all arranged in such a way to share watering and drainage between the buildings. We especially like the subdued bath, with its freestanding tub, mix of neon shower curtains, woven folk rug, and potted eucalyptus.

Photography by Satoshi Shigeta for Tato Architects (except where noted).

Above: A mix of citrus-colored curtains against the glass shower wall.

Above: The walls throughout the home are finished with lauan plywood that was partially painted white.

Above: An open shower with concrete floors sits next to the freestanding tub.

Above: Large windows open up to a verdant garden (L); the slightly opaque neon curtains filter outdoor light. Photographs by Yosuke Takeda for Tato Architects.

Above: Partition walls were built with a slight lean to divide the space diagonally, turning the small cottage into a large one.

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