ISSUE 61  |  Bath & Spa

A Pop-Up Bathhouse in East London

February 28, 2013 4:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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A social experiment involving cucumber facials and group saunas? Strange but true. Located in a suburban area of East London, the Barking Bathhouse aims to recapture the communal spirit of historic bathhouses.

Designed by Something & Son (the cutting-edge firm behind FARM:shop), the pop-up spa and social space references the area's industrial history (the black-stained timber frame exudes a sooty chic). Commissioned by arts agency Create, the Barking Bathhouse was sufficiently successful that it will reopen in a new location in spring 2013 (stay tuned).

Above: The exterior features black-stained timber.

Above: The bathhouse consists of a series of interconnected volumes.

Above: The cafe's furniture is made from salvaged railroad timber.

Above: Various healthful libations are served in the courtyard cafe.

Above: Barking Bathhouse robes.

Above: In the sauna room, a wood-burning stove emits aromas of burning elm and birch. A concealed shutter releases excess steam, allowing the space to be ventilated naturally.

Above: A Barking Bathhouse robe.