A Pastoral Dream, Realized by

Issue 59 · L'Amour · February 15, 2013

A Pastoral Dream, Realized

Issue 59 · L'Amour · February 15, 2013

Virginia native Dianne Nordt discovered her craft in college and envisioned a future as a weaver, living on a farm with her husband and children, and raising sheep. It's all panned out with the Nordt Family Farm.

Weaver and designer Dianne Nordt, together with her husband, runs the 400-acre Nordt Family Farm on the banks of the James River in Charles City County, Virginia. Here, the couple raises the Merino sheep—in white, black, tan, and gray—that provide the soft wool for her handmade blankets. Each spring after the shearing, Dianne weaves her wares, one blanket at a time, enjoying a process that, much like life on the farm, is "slow and contemplative," grounded, and connected to the earth.

Photography by Chris Pittman via Scout Design.

earthy blankets by Nordt Family Farm

Above: Adult blankets (72 by 50 inches) are available in a variety of classic farmhouse stripes: $195.

Nordt Family Farm Merino sheep

Above: Each spring Dianne's Merino sheep are sheared by hand by Carrie MacDougall of Colonial Williamsburg.

earthy striped blanket Nordt Family Farm

Above: Dianne wears one of her earthy baby blankets as a wrap.

blankets by Nordt Family Farm

Above: The smooth creams, rich cocoas, and heather grays are the results of variations in the shades of the sheep's own wool. For the pinks, yellows, and blues, Dianne uses natural plant dyes such as black walnut, indigo, and coreopsis.

gray and pink baby blanket from Nordt Family Farm

Above: A Baby Blanket trimmed in soft pink is lightweight enough for year-round use; $110.

Dianne Nordt at her loom

Above: Dianne at the loom that her father gave her as a college graduation present.

cocoa and pink baby blanket by Nordt Family Farm

Above: The simple tabby weave of this pink and cocoa baby blanket produces a richly textured piece.

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