A Modern Spa in Finland by

Issue 35 · The Last Gasp of Summer · August 27, 2012

A Modern Spa in Finland

Issue 35 · The Last Gasp of Summer · August 27, 2012

Kyly, an old Karelian word meaning sauna, is Ville Hara and Anu Puustinen's modern interpretation of the traditional Nordic spa.

Hara and Puustinen, partners at Helsinki-based firm Avanto Architects, designed the spa as entry for the Habitare competition for young architects and designers. Made from massive logs, the spa provides the setting for the favorite Finnish pastimes of washing in the furo bath, cooling off, and basking in the heat.

For more information, visit Avanto Architects and see our post on their glass garden shed, Living in a Glass House: The Ultimate Garden Shed.

Above: The sauna's composition is made up of several joined spaces—a relaxation area, shower, furo bath, and fire.

Above: The bathing area and sauna are separated by a glass wall and door.

Above: The scent, texture, and acoustics of the wood create, as Hara and Puustinen say, "a strong atmosphere—a calm wooden nest."

Above: Dark gray towels and robes hang on wooden pegs at the entrance of the spa.

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