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A Low-Budget Alternative to Radiant Heating

January 07, 2013 8:45 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Radiant floor heating is on my ultimate wish list; in the meantime, a friend turned me on to a nifty quick fix solution: heated floor mats placed under area rugs to create zones of coziness.

My friend's studio is located in a large, drafty barn; to see her through the winter, she uses a low tech (and admittedly unglamorous) heated floor mat that plugs into the wall and is similar to an electric blanket for the floor. Cozy Winters offers Rug-Heat mats; prices run from $149 to $299, according to mat size, which range from two by three feet to five and a half by eight feet.

Above: My home office features a tiled floor that is wonderfully cool in the summer but rather cold in the winter. I'm considering adding a warming mat underneath the jute rug.