A Home Inspired by an Ant Colony (Seriously) by

Issue 62 · Japonesque · March 6, 2013

A Home Inspired by an Ant Colony (Seriously)

Issue 62 · Japonesque · March 6, 2013

We love the way Japanese architects think outside the box. In this case, a colony of ants was the inspiration for this house in Omaezaki, designed by Atsushi and Mayumi Kawamoto of mA-Style Architects.

The Western concept of privacy is challenged in this door-less home with cut out openings in the wall to let the light in. Designed for a couple and their three children, the home was built like an ant colony with a continuous flow created between the interconnecting spaces. Unlike Western architecture where we shut ourselves away in our separate rooms, this home is designed to encourage communication among family members. For more of the architects' work, visit mA-Style Architects.

Photography by Kai Nakamura.

Above: One of the children peers through an opening.

mA-Style Architects metal clad house

Above: The square metal clad exterior conceals an open, airy interior.

gabled roof plywood

Above: A plywood box with gabled roof is housed beneath the eaves and anchors the center of the house.

mA-Style Architects; Ant house; Remodelista

Above: The gabled interior box houses a living spaces on both the upper level and the ground floor. The upper story sits lower than the second floor creating movement between the spaces.

mA-Style Architects; Remodelista

Above: Closets and storage line the walls that run the perimeter of the building both upstairs and downstairs.

mA-Style Architects; Remodelista

Above: The inner box is painted white in contrast to the rest of the plywood that is left untreated.

mA-Style Architects; Remodelista

Above: Stairs to the upstairs level beside the concrete genkan, the entryway into the house.

mA-Style Architects; Remodelista

Above: The kitchen is located on the ground floor at the rear of the house behind the white painted wall of the interior box.

mA-Style Architects; Remodelista

Above: A sink on the ground floor where the bathroom is located.

mA-Style Architects; Remodelista

Above: The front of the house with a simple concrete step (L). The kitchen leading on to a patio at the rear of the house (R).

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