ISSUE 15  |  Kitchen Remodel

A Disappearing Act: Microwave Drawers

April 10, 2012 10:30 AM

BY Janet Hall

Tired of the visual blight and bulk of your microwave? Consider the microwave drawer.

Microwave drawers can be built into your under-counter cabinetry or placed underneath wall ovens, freeing up precious counter space. They come in two standard drawer widths: 24 and 30 inches; while they're more expensive than the garden-variety model, consider this: they also function as a warming oven. Here are a few product options to consider.

N.B.: For more under-counter appliances, consult our other posts on Refrigerator Drawers and Dishwasher Drawers.

Above: The Wolf Stainless Steel 30-Inch Drawer Microwave Oven (MWD302) can be installed in a standard or flush mount to match your cabinet style. Available framed or unframed (as shown) stainless finish; $1,730 at AJ Madison.

Above: Sharp was the innovator of the microwave drawer, and the Sharp Insight Pro Series KB6524P is their latest model; $751.46 at AJ Madison.

Above: The solid stainless front of the Dacor Discovery Microwave-in-a-Drawer (MMD24/MMD30) is especially appealing; it's also available with black glass; $1,359 at AJ Madison.