ISSUE 75  |  Travels with an Editor: Paris

The Slow Life in Paris, Baby and Chien Included

June 06, 2013 11:00 AM

BY Alexa Hotz

There was a period of time when I spent afternoons pouring over the blog of Jae-Hyun Cheong and Stéphane Froger, owners of Le Petit Atelier de Paris. Their picnics in Normandy, handmade porcelain pottery, and leisurely lifestyle left me a little wistful but resulted in a post about the shop, an infatuation with Shiba Inus (thanks to their mascot, Pompon), and eventually a trip in person last year.

Since we posted on the shop, Cheong and Froger now baby–an addition to the Le Petit Atelier clan. Read more about the shop and discover why their motto is “Du bonheur au quotidien” (“Happiness in the everyday”) at Petit Atelier de Paris.

Photography by Alexa Hotz for Remodelista.

Above: The simple shop exterior, just off rue de Montmorency in the Marais.

Above: A wooden basket of Galet (Stone) Vases (€14 each) and a grouping of small Espresso Cups (€6 each).

Above: A simple plank of wood and black iron sawhorses function as display tables in the small shop.

Above: Assiette Moule í  Gí¢teau engraved with: amour, bonheur, santé, amitié, prospérité, and réussite; €9 each.

Above: In addition to porcelain vases and tableware, Cheong and Froger sell enamel switch plates and wall hooks.

Above: Small and Large Coloquinte Vases made from porcelain; prices range from €14 to €26.

Above: At Le Petit Atelier, the packaging is equally as important as the item it holds; the pale wooden boxes stacked in the window.

Above: A Serviette Herbier, illustrated by Joanna Concejo, hangs on the stone wall in the shop; €15.

Above: Small and large espresso cups in an open desk.

Above: Pouchettes of stickers and magnetic ceramic stars and flowers.

Above: Pom Pom poses for a photograph in the back courtyard.

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Location of Le Petit Atelier de Paris:

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