A Creativity-Inducing Cafe in Paris by

Issue 89 · Get Organized · September 12, 2013

A Creativity-Inducing Cafe in Paris

Issue 89 · Get Organized · September 12, 2013

Continuing in the tradition of grand Parisian cafes, where writers and existentialists held court, Craft Cafe, near the newly chic Canal Saint-Martin, provides a workspace and hangout spot for the creatively inclined. Plus, good design, good coffee, and high-speed wifi. Photos via Cafe Craft.

Craft Cafe Paris Exterior Remodelista

Above: The simple exterior could be mistaken for a bookstore.

Craft Cafe Paris Interior Remodelista

Above: The interiors, designed by Paris-based Pool, hew to a black and white palette.

Craft Cafe Paris Stationery Remodelista

Above: Stationery supplies on offer.

Craft Cafe Long Table Remodelista

Above: Long communal tables encourage collaboration.

Craft Cafe Coffee Remodelista

Above: Brooklyn-style lattes.

Craft Cafe Pendant Light Remodelista

Craft Cafe Light Remodelista

Above: Pool designed the Vulcain marble-based lamps with brass turnkeys; for information, go to La Chance.

Craft Cafe Paris Floor Detail Remodelista

Above: A detail of Craft's tiled floors.

For another intellectually oriented hangout, see Alain Botton's School of Life in London.

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