ISSUE 93  |  Eastern Europe

A Classic Vegetable Peeler from Germany

October 11, 2013 11:00 AM

BY Julie Carlson

Quick: choose your five can’t-live-without kitchen implements. Top of my list: the humble vegetable peeler. I use it to shave Parmesan over salads and create ribbons of raw zucchini for summer salads and thin shards of celery, apple, or pear for winter salads. Up until now, I’ve relied on my Oxo, but I’m considering this old-fashioned Famos peeler from Germany for my kitchen arsenal.

Above: As our friends at Kiosk say, “The Famos Vegetable Peeler, so fabulous with its simple profile and stunning nib for cutting out potato eyes. And such a great finish; oh damn, what a glamorous vegetable peeler.” The Famos Vegetable Peller is $12 at Kiosk; they’ve currently got a few in stock and have more on the way.