ISSUE 5  |  Small Space Living

7 Space-Saving Hallway Storage Solutions

February 04, 2014 9:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

How many times have you searched madly for keys, the dog leash, your phone as you dash out of the house? Here’s a roundup of hallway butlers that will help you keep it together.

Above: The Wall Wonder Mirror from Ferm Living is £173 from Made in Design; the Smoked Oak Wall Wonder Mirror is also available directly from Ferm Living for $299.

Above: From Dutch designers Leitmotiv, the Coat Rack Mirror is made of powder-coated steel and is £76.25 from Amazon UK.

Above: The Rise Set Mirror, made in Toronto by Dayna Gedney, is available with an 18-inch round mirror ($278.27), a 24-inch mirror ($371), or a 30-inch round mirror ($556); all via Etsy.

Above: The Muir Reclaimed Wall Coat Rack is available in natural or walnut; a 42-inch-long 5-peg rack is $197 and a 54-inch-long 6-peg rack is $233 from Amenity Home.

Thru Block Coat Rack

Above: A detail of the key shelf in Will Ullman’s Thru Block Coat Rack, available in a variety of sizes and configurations through Canoe in Portland, OR.


Brendon Farrell's Coatrack

Above: Brendon Farrell’s Coat Rack is available in lengths of 18 and 36 inches, and in oiled walnut or oak; with a leather hanging strap for cellphones, keys, etc.

Above: The oak Jeeves Coat Rack with Mirror is £147 from SCP.

For more space savers, see 10 Easy Pieces: Inventive Wood Wall Hooks. And for another hallways valet, have a look at Cincinnati Storage, Golden Spikes Edition.