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Flights of Fancy: 5 Avian-Inspired Lights

December 05, 2013 12:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Add a whimsical note to an interior with an avian-inspired light; here are five we are currently coveting.

Alouette 1 Bird Wall Lamp

Above: Hard to resist: the Alouette Collection of avian-inspired lighting from Atelier Areti, a team of far-flung European designers who work collaboratively. The pieces are handmade from powder-coated metal and fabric-covered cable with brass joints. The Alouette 1 Bird Wall Lamp is newly available in the US via Camerich Los Angeles for $665 in black with brass detailing, as shown, or in all black or all white for $545. The showroom’s website is pending; in the meantime, email or call 310-881-6199. N.B.: the light is also available from European online sources, including I/Object, who sells the Alouette Bird Wall Lamp in white with brass for 320.

Above: The Lampe Volant by Godefroy de Virieu is modeled after a badminton birdie; €149 via L’Atelier d’ Exercices.

Above: The Lucellino Wall Sconce by Ingo Maurer is $335 from Lumens.

Pigeon Night Light

Above: Designed by Ed Carpenter and made in the UK, the clip-on Pigeon Night Light is available in gray, white, black, yellow, hot pink, or orange; £67 at Theo Theo.

Above: The clip-on Bird Light instantly transforms a bare bulb into a bird in flight; 45 from Hommin.

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