ISSUE 6  |  The French Connection

5 Quick Fixes: Provencal Market Totes

February 08, 2012 6:30 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Not just for the farmer's market: It's no secret that we have a weakness for wicker baskets and bags at Remodelista.

My particular weakness is the humble straw tote, which I put to use throughout my house.

Above: Despite the presence of a laundry hamper in the bathroom, dirty clothes tend to pile up in the bedrooms. A well-placed basket in each room solves the problem. The Dosa basket above was an OK Store purchase and comes in several sizes; contact OK Store directly to purchase.

Above: My daughter's inability to wrangle her shoes was finally resolved with a basket strategically placed by her bedroom door. This one was picked up in a garage sale; for something similar, try the Provence Market Basket from Ballard Designs; $35.

Above: This tote serves as a roving desk-cum-bedside table filled with magazines (it migrates frequently from the living room to the bedroom). Large Yellow Weave Basket from Medina; $44.

Above: In the bathroom, toilet paper is stored in a tote perched on top of a medicine cabinet. The tote was a ridiculously cheap purchase from Monoprix in France; for something similar, try the Garden Basket from Medina: $56.

Above: A Provencal tote serves as a receptacle for plastic bags, to be used on my next visit to the grocery; for something similar, consider the Trimmed Market Bag from Medina; $54.