ISSUE 15  |  Kitchen Remodel

5 Quick Fixes: Kitchen Sponge Storage

April 10, 2012 5:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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Five ideas for solving one of life's mysteries: where to stash the dreaded sink sponge.

Above: A vintage bowl holds a trio of scrubbing implements in a Maine house by architect Sheila Narusawa; image via DesignSkool.

Above: Even a lurid green sponge and a kitchen brush can become part of the decor; image from the NYC home of David Mann and Fritz Karch, via An Afternoon With.

Above: OXO's Steel Suction Sponge Holder adheres to the inside of the sink; $8.78 from Amazon.

Above: Leave it to Martha Stewart to solve the issue once and for all: she repurposes vintage enamel soap holders as scrubber storage; image via Martha Stewart.

Above: Remodelista contributor Justine Hand keeps her sponge and scrub brushes corralled in stoneware pots; image via Design Skool.

Above: Our friend Sonia Resika stashes her sponges in a vintage Deco plater next to the sink.