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5 Quick Fixes: Instant Bathroom Updates

July 07, 2014 8:00 AM

BY Remodelista Team

It’s hard to make peace with a dated bathroom. If yours is looking a little tired and a remodel is not in the cards anytime soon, consider springing for a few quick fixes to add a little modernity at home.

We were inspired by this simple but sophisticated black urban bath designed by The Brooklyn Home Company, which reminded us that the littlest details often can make the biggest difference. We sourced five elements for recreating the look:

Above: The black paneling in our inspiration bath complements the white walls and black moulding in the rest of the apartment. Photo by Emily Gilbert.

Above: Relegate grungy towels to the cleaning bin and opt for a Black & White Stripe Towel instead; 100 percent linen, this one is handmade in Boston by design studio Rennes; $16 for a 17-by-26.5-inch towel.

Above: Santa Maria Novella Potpourri is the (un)official Remodelista room fragrance of choice; made from 100-percent organic herbs and flowers grown in the hills around Florence; $35 for a 3.5-ounce bag.

Above: Upgrade your hand soap with Savon de Marseille in olive lavender from La Compagnie de Provence of France; $26 on Amazon.

Above: This Portuguese Cotton Hand-Knotted Mat is woven and has a  pattern created by knots; machine washable, it’s $60 for a 19-by-41-inch mat at Bitters Co. in Seattle. (For more, see 5 Envy-Inducing Bath Mats.)

Above: Never underestimate the value of a beautiful vessel for storing your stuff. We like to reappropriate kitchen bowls for corralling goods. The white-dipped Gigantic Family-Size Serving Bowl in beech wood is $215 from Wind & Willow Home.