ISSUE 93  |  Eastern Europe

5 Favorites: Sculptural Wood Pendant Lights

October 09, 2013 3:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Now that fall is here, we’re looking to wood to add warmth (and whimsy) to our interiors; these five pendant lights do the trick.

Above: The four-strand Bright Beads Pendant Light Cluster, designed by Coco Reynolds of Marz Deisgner, is AU $1,580 by Marz Designs.

Above: The Profile No. 5 Wood Bead Pendant Light is $112 from FleaMarketRx on Etsy.

Above: Chess Rook and Pawn Pendant Lamps are $79.95 each from CB2 (marked down from $149).

Above: Onefortythree’s Wood Veneered Pendant Lights are $40 each (the shop is taking new orders starting October 20, 2013).

Above: The Wandlampe is €119 at Dawanda.

Want to make your own? See DIY: Lamp Cord of Wooden Beads.