ISSUE 34  |  Children's Summer

5 Favorites: Wallpapers to Grow With

August 23, 2012 3:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

The wallpaper revival continues. Here are five favorites fit for a kid (and grownups, too).

Above: Bring fairy tales to life with London-based Sian Zeng's Magnetic Woodlands Wallpaper. Available in blue-green-gray (as shown), khaki-blue (see photo below), and brown pink, it comes with a magnetic liner and a cast of movable characters; $392.97 per roll at Sian Zeng.

Above: Too old to play make-believe? The Woodlands Wallpaper is offered as traditional wallpaper (no magnetic liner); $103 per roll. Woodlands Wallpaper Sample Packs are available for $11.88 at Sian Zeng.

Above: Wish You Were Here in London Wallpaper is by Yukari Sweeney, a London-based surface designer who worked in Japanese fashion houses before moving to London to study design. Available in three colorways: Evening Fog (shown), Winter Morning, and Summer Holiday; $132 per roll at Forage Modern Workshop.

Above: Wish You Were Here in London Wallpaper in Winter Morning.

Above: Ferm Living's Harlequin (Dusty Green) Wallpaper is made using traditional printing methods (the ink looks as if it has been "painted" on the surface); $126.50 per roll at the Ferm Living Shop. A Harlequin Wallpaper Sample is available for $5.

Above: New from UK-based Rachel Powell, the Woodstock Wallpaper is screen printed in cloud (as shown), mustard, and pepper; $137.11 per roll at Just Kids Wallpaper. Free sample shipping available.

Above: Aimee Wilder Designs Space Dots Wallpaper is available in glimmer (shown), noir (black), peony (pink), and splash (blue); $300 for two rolls at All Modern.

(NB: Australia-based Just Kids Wallpapers offers a wide array of wallpapers with kids in mind. They ship to the US and several other countries. See our earlier Wallpaper Features for more inspiration.)