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Happy at Work: Trending on Gardenista

January 10, 2014 2:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Above: Erin created a low-effort living wall; see DIY: A Living Wall for the Office, Lazy Person’s Edition.

Above: Queens of all things houseplant, the experts at The Sill shared the down-low on the benefits of plants in the office along with their top recommendations for office-friendly specimens. Oh, and they have some suggestions for how to take care of those plants after they’ve made their way into the workplace. See Ask the Expert: 10 Tips for Office Plants.

Above: Michelle rounded up ten attractive humidifiers sized to sit on a desk. “Your droopy office plants will thank you too if you get the moisture level up,” she says. See 10 Easy Pieces: Desktop Humidifiers.

Above: Justine dropped in on Oakland blogger-knitter-designer Emma Robertson and admired her way with houseplants: see Getting Creative with Plants at Emmadime’s New Studio.

Above: Michelle challenged Justine to create a “non-tacky, non-cheesy” zen garden. Miracles do happen: see the results: DIY: A Desktop Zen Garden.