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5 Favorites: Garage Envy on Gardenista

February 21, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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This past week Michelle and Erin delved into all things garage: a multipurpose space that lends itself to a range of uses (floral studio, gear storage, potting shed).

Above: Erin dropped in on Sarah Winward, a florist who operates out of a garage in Salt Lake City.

Above: Lots of organization options out there and Izabella’s got you covered: 10 Easy Pieces: Garage Storage Units.

Above: Before there were garages, there were stables; Michelle drops in on florist Lila B. at the Stable Cafe in San Francisco.

Above: Considering a colorful stain for your garage exterior? Meredith found what you need; see Palette & Paints: 8 Colorful Exterior Stains.

Above: Our resident materials expert Janet looks into garage flooring options.

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