ISSUE 39  |  Old Meets New

5 Favorites: The Return of the Rag Rug

September 26, 2012 3:30 PM

BY Justine Hand

We're loving the rustic/modern look (not to mention the eco-friendliness) of patchwork carpets made from recycled rag rugs. Easy to DIY, they're a quick and affordable way to add texture and character to any room.

Above: RugCycle's floor coverings are hand stitched from vintage, Swedish rag rugs.

Above: The True Blue Denim Rag Rug from Land of Nod is made of 100 percent cotton denim; prices start at $99 for the 4-by-6-foot size.

Above: Turkish kilims made from natural hemp, have been washed in seawater and reconstructed by Private 02 04.

Above: Even Ikea rag rugs can be stitched together to achieve an effect similar to the one in Katrin's (Taking Notes and Pictures) dining room.

Above: Nadia Yaron of Nightwood Interiors stitched several of her weavings to create a larger carpet for her own loft. A similar rug can be made to order in four to six weeks; $650.

Above: Rugcycle's first collection of woven Turkish rugs featured carpets from stitched together in bright contrast hues.

Above: A collection of vintage flea market finds stitched together makes a lively and colorful carpet like this one via Varpunen. Similar rugs can also be found on Etsy.

Above: A detail of the recycled rag rug in my own cottage bedroom (purchased for $5 at a yard sale), shows that the stitching need not be perfect. In fact, imperfect is all the better.