ISSUE 3  |  Italian Renaissance

5 Favorites: Stainless Steel Water Fustis, Italian Edition

January 22, 2015 4:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Our favorite countertop water dispenser? The Italian fustis, designed originally for olive oil but genius as a water dispenser. Here are five we’d be happy to own. N.B. Most of the retailers we link to offer fustis in a range of sizes, starting at three liters and going up to 50 liters and higher.

Above: The 10-liter Superfustinox Stainless Steel Water Dispenser from Italy is $179.95 from Water Check.

Above: The 15-liter Dinuba Water Tank is $159 directly from Dinuba. Photograph via Bon Appetit.

Above: The 5-Liter Sansone Stainless Steel Water Dispenser is $149.95 from Water Check.

Above: The 5-Liter Aginox Fusti Stainless Steel Ceramic-Coated Fusti is available in four colors (black, gold, green, and brown); $119 from Gourmet Italian.

Above: The 5-Liter Minox Stainless Steel Fusti is $107 from Gourmet Italian.

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